This article explains how to choose curtains for your living room

Whether you live in a small village or a large city, curtains are frequently required to keep light from entering your home at night. To ensure that these blinds serve their job well, it is critical to conduct some research before purchasing them. To assist you further, Curtains Dubai has created this fast guide on how to select the ideal curtain for any size and style of home!

Determine the curtains’ length in the living room

The height at which you hang your curtains normally determines their length. The normal lengths run from 63 inches to 120 inches, but you may also obtain short curtains that simply cover half of the window, measuring 24 or 36 inches long. To determine how long your curtain should be, consider how far below the rod it should hang, either at floor level or all the way down till it reaches ground level.

When browsing for curtains from Curtains UAE, consider searching by specific keywords rather than just length. Here are some of the commonly used terms:

Tier curtains are short, covering only a small portion of the window.

Apron curtains hang below your window’s bottom edge.

Floor: Curtains with fabric puddling at the base reach down to meet the flooring. These curtains work best when paired with rods located higher up. The puddle is similar to the floor, but it leaves more fabric behind after reaching down and meeting ground level, which works well when paired with a lower-placed rod.

How to Select a Curtain Fabric

There are several different types of curtains available online. In addition to the overall design you desire for your windows, consider how much light will pass through. Heavier, opaque materials let less light in than lighter, more translucent fabrics. If you want a lot of natural or artificial lights, Use a cotton fabric curtain, which is normally pretty see-through and comes in a variety of colors if needed, and allow lots of strong light to enter the room from all directions. If you prefer moderate lighting, choose linen curtains, which have an attractive texture and allow a limited amount of sunlight to get through without completely blocking it. If you want to keep outside lights out of your home, blackout curtains from Dubai Blinds will do the job properly. And experts can install them on any window frame in minutes, so call them before you order for a quick consultation.

Choose your equipment

The final step in choosing curtains is to decide on the hardware, which includes your curtain rod. To balance the effect, choose a curtain rod that is 6–12 inches broader than the window. This adds visual appeal while also allowing you to move your curtains aside when you want them open. Fortunately, most ordinary curtain rods are adjustable, allowing them to be smaller or larger as needed!

What if your windows are already well-maintained?

It is usual to layer curtains over existing treatments, such as shades or blinds. If you choose this option, it’s usually a good idea to keep the colors of your existing treatments neutral and pair them with luxurious curtains.
When hanging these two varieties together, you want to provide the best possible appearance; for example, floor-length or puddle length should be sufficient. The correct curtains will transform your environment, adding both beauty and depth. Follow the steps above to get it right and create a design you’ll enjoy.

This article explains how to choose curtains for your living room