Choosing the Right MBA Dissertation Topic: Tips and Strategies


Embarking on an MBA dissertation is a significant milestone in one’s academic and professional journey. It marks the culmination of years of study and practical experience, offering a chance to delve deep into a topic of personal and professional interest. However, selecting the right dissertation topic can be daunting, as it sets the stage for your research and influences your career trajectory. Here are some tips and strategies to guide you through this crucial decision-making process.

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Align with Your Career Goals:

Choosing a dissertation topic that aligns with your career aspirations is paramount. Consider the industry you want to work in post-MBA and identify key issues or trends within that sector. For instance, if you aim to pursue a career in healthcare management, topics related to healthcare policy, patient care improvement, or pharmaceutical marketing could be suitable.

Leverage Your Interests and Expertise:

Your dissertation should be a labor of love, so to speak. It’s easier to stay motivated and engaged throughout the research process if the topic aligns with your personal interests or academic strengths. Reflect on courses, projects, or work experiences that sparked your curiosity or where you excelled. Building on existing knowledge and passion will make your dissertation journey more fulfilling.

Conduct a Thorough Literature Review:

Before finalizing your topic, conduct a comprehensive literature review. This step is crucial to understanding the existing research landscape and identifying gaps where your study can contribute meaningfully. Look for recent publications, seminal papers, and ongoing debates related to your area of interest. A solid understanding of existing literature will help you refine your research questions and justify the relevance of your topic.

Consider Practical Feasibility:

While ambitious research ideas are commendable, ensure your chosen topic is feasible within the time and resource constraints of your MBA program. Consider factors such as access to data, availability of research participants (if applicable), and the scope of your study. Discuss your ideas with faculty members or mentors to gauge feasibility and receive valuable feedback.

Aim for Originality and Contribution:

Your dissertation should aim to contribute new insights or perspectives to the field of study. Avoid topics that are overly broad or have been extensively researched unless you can offer a unique angle or innovative methodology. Think about how your research could fill a gap in the literature, challenge existing theories, or propose practical solutions to industry challenges.

Seek Guidance and Feedback:

Don’t hesitate to seek guidance from faculty members, advisors, or industry professionals when selecting your dissertation topic. They can offer valuable insights, suggest relevant literature, and help you refine your research questions. Presenting your ideas to others also provides an opportunity for constructive feedback, which is essential for honing your research focus.

Balance Passion with Pragmatism:

While passion is essential, balance it with pragmatism. Consider the long-term implications of your dissertation topic on your career goals and professional reputation. Will it enhance your expertise in a niche area? Will it resonate with potential employers or stakeholders? Striking a balance between personal interest and market demand can maximize the impact of your dissertation.


Choosing the right MBA dissertation topic is a critical decision that requires careful consideration and planning. By aligning with your career goals, leveraging your interests and expertise, conducting thorough research, ensuring practical feasibility, aiming for originality, seeking guidance, and balancing passion with pragmatism, you can set yourself up for a successful and rewarding dissertation experience. Remember, your dissertation is not just an academic requirement but a chance to make a meaningful contribution to your chosen field of study.

Choosing the Right MBA Dissertation Topic: Tips and Strategies